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The Pugs of Procrastination: Who’s driving anyway?

Ella, a black pug, driving a car.

Are you in the driver's seat of your future? Or is the pug driving?

The Pugs of Procrastination strike again! It’s not really their fault. Who can resist that face? My pugs, Jack and Ella, are my writing companions. Admittedly, they are also my excuse for not meeting my quotas. At any time, I can be found snuggling, napping or wandering around the yard with the pugs instead of wooorking!

My only salvation? They’re homebodies and can sense a lap forming from half a mile away. If I’m disciplined enough to at least sit! stay! the pugs will do the rest – literally dog piling me with their bodies – keeping me in my seat doing what I do best…writing.

In the picture above, Ella is demonstrating the nuances of allowing pugs to drive. Such is life. If you don’t take your position in the driver’s seat, someone else will. We can all relate to this. How many times have you withheld an important decision using excuses like…

I’m just not sure.

I need to look into it.

What’s everyone else doing?

Or the standard, I’ll get to it tomorrow?

Not making a decision, is still deciding. It is the equivalent of climbing into the back seat with Jack and letting Ella drive. Don’t be surprised when you end up somewhere other than where you want to be.

Decisions are connected to opportunities. Opportunities, not unlike the yogurt in your fridge, have expiration dates on them. Shove them to the back of your mind (or forget them in the trunk of your car) and the time allotted for their usefulness passes you by.

I know, I know. I can hear it now, But what if I don’t know what decision to make? What if I can’t forecast the future and see how my decisions will turn out? Guess what. If we don’t know ourselves well enough, when the time comes to make the hard decisions…the really hard decisions…we will flounder and look for ways to procrastinate. **enter pugs**

On the other hand (or paw, if you prefer), we can be geniuses at understanding our behavior, standing for our core values and demonstrating our beliefs, but decisions attached to opportunities will still come along that don’t give a clear picture of the end result. We can’t all be mind readers. Call Criss Angel for that. Unless you have a round trip ticket to Vegas, you’re on your own.

So what do we do?

In the movie The Secret (can it really be called a movie?), Jack Canfield tells a story that shores up any reservations you might have about making THAT BIG DECISION. My version of the story goes like this:

You have the opportunity of a lifetime waiting for you in Seattle but the only way to get there is to drive…and saaay, you happen to be in New York. Are you going to decide, aaahhhh, no thanks. I can’t see where I’ll end up, simply because from your viewpoint – as you stand on the hood of your car – you can’t see Seattle’s Space Needle on the horizon?

Abominable snowman attacking Seattle Space Needle

If you know yourself well enough to understand that this opportunity is one you can’t miss out on, no way!

You’ll get in the car and pedal to the metal! Not without throwing the pugs in the backseat and packing a few important items, of course…like a map. Maps are a topic for another day.

Eventually, darkness comes to limit your vision. Although you know you’re heading in the right direction (West, in this case), you can only see in front of you as far as your headlights will shine. Scary to be sure, but having done your best to acquire accurate information (you’re not gonna get far with a nautical map from 1863), you can be relatively sure you won’t drive off the top of a cliff.

Unless the pug is driving.

Let someone else make the decisions for you, and you’ve just given up your spot in the driver’s seat of your future. Who knows where you’ll end up! If it’s up to the pugs, I’d be milling around HomeDepot or scooping poop at the park. Not my idea of a successful author.

Put off making that decision and guess what? Life, which operates on the concept of expiration dates (remember the yogurt), will decide for you. Just ask my ex-husband.

So, what decisions are you putting off?

How has life or the Pugs of Procrastination stepped in to make decisions for you?

Do you know yourself well enough to make those REALLY HARD decisions when opportunities of a lifetime come along? You know the one’s I’m talking about…cancer treatment or no? Staying married or no? Getting treatment for your addiction or no? Healing from PTSD or no? Following your passion or no?

If you’d rather take another trip around the block with Ella, be my guest. I’m ready to go somewhere. I’ve decided…I’m an author, so I must write.

Share your decision making challenges or tendencies for procrastination with me! I love hearing from readers and who knows? Your story might end up in a future article! **giving you credit, of course**


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