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The Pugs of Procrastination: Take Time to Smell the…Poo?

Ella with flower

Ella Bee taking in the more beautiful things in life.

We’ve all heard Take time to stop and smell the roses but this?

The Pugs of Procrastination have struck again! As usual, I can’t resist their furry little faces, so I can’t blame them. My pugs, Jack and Ella, are my writing companions. Admittedly, they are also my excuse for not meeting my quotas. At any time, I can be found snuggling, napping or wandering around the yard with the pugs instead of wooorking! In this case, it was a walk around our favorite haunt…Starbucks!

I had some things to figure out. Navigating the balancing act of building a career as an author (novels), writing relevant articles three times a week (non fiction) and editing an entire-life’s-work-sized manuscript was keeping me up at night. Oh, yeah. Not to mention, making time to be a human being! I needed to regroup…take a walk…clear my head.

This is when I noticed something.

Thoughts were landing and taking up residence in my mind like pigeons on a wire. They sounded like this:

  • Crap. I have 487 unread email messages.
  • No one responds to my questions on Twitter.
  • Are my articles just shouting out to a GIANT void?
  • An inspiring guest blog? Sorry, writer’s block…no inspiration here.

Where was this coming from? As a woman, I’ve learned to count the weeks…one, two…ah, that’s it. I’m two weeks away from…well, you know…I’m PMSing. Just like clockwork, once a month I have a case of the I’m-not-worthy-I-have-no-talent heebie jeebies. This was dangerous ground.

Allowing such internal banter to rattle around my head is a sure recipe for disaster. Like those pigeons, they’ll start making nests…and pooping all over my creativity.

This is when I noticed something else.

Jack and Ella are great walkers. They love to get out and socialize, especially at Starbucks. Ella greets her fans with adoring brown eyes, while Jack…well, he’s more vocal. As I was musing about my plight, Ella was more interested in snuffling and snorting about in the bushes, leaving poor, less-than-social Jack to manage the welcoming committee. What could be so interesting? I wondered.

Jack with flower

Jackson Brown...a handsome boy...strikes a pose.

Then, I knew.

A light jerk on the leash. Ella, with the remnants of cat poo on her lips, widened her doe eyes…chagrinned, as if to say, Sorry, I couldn’t resist! With all of these adoring people, little kids, old folks and cups of whipped cream, how could she be focusing on the poo?!

It hit me.

Sometimes I hate being a life coach at heart. My own voice echoes between my ears, taunting me. Hmmm, and in what ways are you being just like Ella today? Alright! Fine! I get it, I get it.

A friend once taught this principle:

Thoughts are like trains. They take you somewhere.

I didn’t like where my train of thought was taking me. I have so much to be thankful for! I’ve overcome more than two decades of being pummeled by PTSD. I have family and friends who love me for who I am to myself, not for who I am to them. I get to work wherever I want and set my own schedule. I meet new and interesting people from all over the world…every day.

Ella, I know you must hate that I drag your dirty laundry out on the internet for everyone to see, but you are a little, furry, living example of how a person’s focus makes all the difference in how their life looks, tastes and smells. Your poo eating sacrifice has not been in vain. I’ve had a paradigm shift…or a reminder…depending on how you sniff it.

Share your poo focused challenges or tendencies for procrastination with me! I love hearing from readers and who knows? Your story might end up in a future article! **giving you credit, of course** Here’s how to connect (handy little buttons up top):


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  1. What a revelation this post has been. Okay, I admit it was Jack that got my attention–what a darling face–but what a treasure I found in your words. It was just the smack I needed to pull my own head out of the poo. We have such a terrible tendency as human beings to let the poo reign (not rain … although, sometimes … ), and that’s just pitiful. I have some writing challenges hanging hot and heavy in my life right now, but I’m definitely feeling inspired to take a lesson from Jack, and stop and smell the flowers now and again. And from Ella; see the poo, recognize it for what it is, but definitely not eat it 🙂

  2. LOVE this, article and the images you create, A.E.

    I’ll be back to read more of your posts, but today I PROMISED myself I would get my writing quota achieved.

    Perhaps I should rename YebbitVille. It sounds quite similar to PoohVille.

    In YebbitVille, my brain slogs along with all the reasons “I’m not worthy!” It’s the home of “do X and then you’ll be ready for your priority.” It’s the launch point for rowing around in edit circles because the words I’ve written aren’t yet good enough. In summation, it’s a writing glee killer of a place to nest.

    Thanks for the link on WANA112 that nudged me in your direction. Off to tweet the word out!

    Oh! And, I do plan to “friend” you on Facebook. If you choose to return the friending, can you do me a teeny, tiny favor and LIKE me on my author page ( I haven’t yet mastered maintaining a professional presence on my home Facebook.

  3. What a great post! I’m also glad you posted on the WANA112 FB page so I could be led here to read your lovely prose. You give wise advice through your humorous story. I’m glad you shared it. 🙂

    • Thank you, Tami! Although my expertise is in helping PTSD survivors, I look forward to publishing my first work of fiction, not surprisingly about a survivor. The pug stories are my way of transitioning, so your comments are really encouraging 🙂


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