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The Pugs of Procrastination: Method Asking – Asking for what you want, Part I

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Method Asking is similar to Method Acting in that one draws upon their experiences to work up a great asking routine...yeah, the glowing green eyes are part of the routine.

There are so many ways to ask for what we want. How about the Mars vs. Venus theory between men and women? It goes like this, women never ask for what they want or need and instead, expect men to read their minds.

Or what about prayer? Whatever form it takes, it usually involves asking something/someone outside of ourselves to act on our behalf *ahem* without much thought given to the actions we have taken to arrive at the need/want in the first place, or actions we could be taking on our own behalf to meet the need/want ourselves. Ok, maybe that’s a little heavy…

Why don’t we just ask? Done simply and clearly, asking can be the most effective way of manifesting what we want or need. Then again, if it doesn’t manifest, was it really something we should have been asking for? Or maybe we don’t know ourselves well enough to know what to ask for.

Today The Pugs of Procrastination introduce you to Method Asking. Not a fan of long articles (they’re too hard to read on my iPhone), this edition of The Pugs of

Jack exhibiting his best Cute Puppy Eyes

Procrastination: Method Asking – Asking for What You Want is divided into Parts I and II. Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?

Cute Puppy Eyes

The coup de grâce of getting what you want, Cute Puppy Eyes is an art form. Not everyone can pull this off. It requires skill, timing and fine nuances of manipulation. Go too far, and you risk being labeled melodramatic…a drama queen!

I knew a few of those…some are old enough to know better but work it for all it’s worth anyway; consequently, they are not a part of my life anymore. Love ‘em, but don’t have to put up with them. Sorry, my choice.

Ella and Jack are EXPERTS at the Cute Puppy Eyes method. True they have a genetic advantage with their protruding eyeballs and what some would say, “a face only a mother could love” *gasp! mouth agape* Are you saying my furry little children are *stares in shocked disbelief* ugly? *clears throat*

Anyway, Cute Puppy Eyes really only works for superficial requests like a foot rub, ice cream or a new dress/fishing pole (if you’re a guy…the fishing pole

Beware! Cute Puppy Eyes can be dangerous!

part). No bueno for wants such as a new car, forgiveness for wreaking the new car or having shrunk all your partners new clothes in the dryer.

As you can see, Ella and Jack pull off the Cute Puppy Eyes very well…but hey! Look at Becky! She’s got a grade-A, Cute Puppy Eye look down pat. And no, dear, I won’t take us to get ice cream or SOS three weeks into our diet.

Dying Smoke Alarm

Like an incessant dripping faucet or the Chinese water torture your brother used to give you, the Dying Smoke Alarm can drive any sane person to give in to the most grandiose wants. In human terms, this Method Asking skill is a constant needling, a continuous bringing up of the subject of said want.

You can be minding your own business, say grilling burgers, when out of the blue, the wanter makes some archaic connection between burgers and their want, which can make the wantee feel like they’re going crazy, when the comparisons are something like…

  • Burgers = Diamond ring
  • Mowing the lawn = Diamond ring
  • Reading (anything) = Diamond ring
  • Watching TV = Diamond ring
  • Doing laundry = You guessed it, diamond ring

Insert any activity and want of your choice and, well, you get the picture. The Dying Smoke Alarm, I suspect, is a learned Method Asking technique found in households where there were multiple siblings (one brother or sister counts).

Children somehow discover that if they keep asking, they will eventually get what they want. Adults reinforce this behavior in themselves by quoting the Christian saying, “Ye have not, ‘cause you don’t incessantly ask not.” My paraphrase…

In the world of Jack and Ella, the Dying Smoke Alarm works the same way. A common reason for employing of this approach of Method Asking? When our loving Pugs of Procrastination have a special treat waiting for them on the counter.

Jack, I must admit, does not partake of this demeaning behavior.He is the strong, silent type. However, Ella has perfected the ability to mimic the

annoying *chirp…….chirp…….chirp…….chirp…….chirp…….chirp…….chirp* of a smoke alarm with batteries as old as Methuselah.

The sound sends vibrations directly to the spinal column of the nearest human causing their legs and feet to shuffle quickly to the origin of the sound. This is the

Ella working the Cute Puppy Eyes after a dose of the Dying Smoke Alarm...a potato chip, located off camera, is in the offing.

perfect moment to employ the Cute Puppy Eyes for a knockout combination of asking. Ooohhh, yeah…Ella works this one quite well. Can’t you tell by the size of

her hips?


Ratchet up the tension when asking by applying this Method Acting strategy – Demanding. We hate to do this as humans. Somehow demanding what we want makes the getting of it…well, less enjoyable. Consequently, humans will refrain from outright demands if at all possible. However, it does occur. Obvious examples bubble up from childhood such as:

  • You’ll do it because I told you to!
  • (insert any ‘why’ question) ….because I said so.
  • You’ll be on restriction so long you won’t see the light of day for a week, month, year, etc.
  • I’ll send you to boarding school.

Adult applications of these demands are harder to spot. Most consist of some form of silent treatment or withdrawal of affection. Worse, the Demanding-Gone-Out-of-Control method can quickly escalate into an all out verbal altercation – a fight. You’ll know when this has occurred because one minute you’ll be asking about dinner and the next minute you’re arguing at the top of your lungs about primroses in the garden. Yeah, weird. Let’s move on…

Ella preparing a YAP! for a taste of my lunch.

Once again, Ella, being the communication perfectionist in our household will be our example. Usually during dinner prep time, she can be found lounging on her fluffy, circular, cedar bed with cute little baby blankets…*YAP…YAP…YAP* demanding a sample of the main course. Sheesh! Like she’s not spoiled already.

Confession time. I taught cute, little Ella Bee this especially annoying Method Asking approach. After mastering sit, shake, laydown, I thought I would take advantage of her natural abilities and go for the SPEAK! Wrong-o…bad idea. She is an importunate little monster when cheese, carrots or olives are at stake.

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  1. Charlee Gunderson

    Hey I’m demanding that Jack and Ella and Annmarie and Becky get over to see grandma and grandpa sometime soon.

  2. Oh man, you got me and did I really give you the puppy eyes when I shrunk your brown sweater? lol
    This is a great article! I found myself laughing (out load)in my cubicle. Your next article can be on people laughing at what appears as nothing making those around them… well wonder about thier sanity.

  3. I happened to catch one of Oprah’s life classes and one thing said struck me: You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. I liked that one.

    When my kids were younger, I read a good book that made a huge difference in our relationship: How to Talk so Kids Will Listen, How to Listen so Kids Will Talk. (hope I got that title right) It was magic!

    • Wonderful! I love Oprah’s practical advice 🙂 I’ll have to check out the book you recommended. I read “The Love Languages of Teenagers” and amazingly, I understood my (then) husband sooo much better! Thanks for sharing, Sharon.


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