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The Pugs of Procrastination: Method Asking – Asking for what you want, Part II

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Jack and Ella have perfected the art of asking. We call it Method they are asking for a nap.

Why don’t we just ask? Done simply and clearly, asking can be the most effective way of manifesting what we want or need. Then again, if it doesn’t manifest, was it really something we should have been asking for?

Today The Pugs of Procrastination continue their introduction to Method Asking. Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios?

The Dig

This method can be hilariously funny…in a strange, sarcastic kind of way. Human beings love a good gotcha! and The Dig way of asking is a whopper. You know it. It sounds a lot like I told you so, but more subtle.

The asker, asks. The askee, refuses. Some time later…. *clock ticking* an unfortunate series of events happens that reveals how the askee’s agreement would have forgone the resulting catastrophe. What comes next is The Dig:

  • A shrug of the shoulders
  • A shake of the head
  • A roll of the eyes
  • A sigh; OR
  • “Uh, huh. That’s what I thought.”
  • “Don’t say, I didn’t tell you so.”
  • “Hmm, well…now what Einstein?”

Ouch. The Dig can be particularly painful for the askee. However, the asker is not off the hook, because breaking the habit of using The Dig is extremely difficult, mostly due to the long term memory of the askee.

If you are a Digger, you can cease and desist all digging efforts and STILL, when that askee-should-have-said-yes moment comes, you can stand as quiet and still as a stone, but if you breathe….the askee will hear it. And guess what? It’s too late…

Both members of The Pugs of Procrastination team use this Method Asking technique, however, not to their benefit. The Dig, puggy style, is painful when on the receiving end.

Commonly employed after a lengthy time of being ignored (usually when I’m trying to meet a writing quota, like right now), The Dig happens when said pug rises up on back legs to caressingly place front paws on human arm or leg. Stretching in his or her best version of a modified downward dog (see yoga positions) and adding a yawn for dramatic effect, pug pauses on the recovery…drills icy stare into side of human head…waits for it…waits for it…


OW! Human pulls arm/leg away from sharply honed toenails of destruction…reaches for soft puggy head in reassurance that breakfast will be coming forthright but…PUG BOLTS TO OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE ROOM…as if to say, “How dare you touch me! Get your @$$ out of that chair and fix me something to eat!” Enough said.

Mental Telepathy

And here we are back at the beginning, where we started talking about Mars vs. Venus type Method Asking (see below). Women are especially adept at this form, but only because we connect so well with other women we don’t need to speak everything aloud. Watch a couple of women have a good conversation over Starbucks coffee or a glass of wine. It sounds like this:

Well, then she…

*gasp* No! She didn’t…

Yes! She did! So I told her just what I thought about that.

I would have too. Did I tell you about…

…the dinner at your mother-in-law’s? How did that go?

See what I mean? We are such wonderful, amazing gurus at communication, we can finish each other’s sentences! And that’s when we’re speaking! A whole lot of communication goes on between two women that is unspoken. Just watch groups of them at a wedding ceremony.

Ok, I concede. It’s not fair for us to assume that men should be capable of such astounding feats of linguistic perfection. But is it fair for women to have to dumb down translate everything for dudes? Sorry, guys.

I guess the reality is, if we want to have a happy home, a happy marriage, a happy life, we will find ways of meeting somewhere in the middle. If we love the person we’re with, we’ll be eager to discover their secret language, to know everything there is to know about them. If we’re just lazy, I guess we won’t.

As I ponder editing decisions, Jack and Ella perfect the art of Mental Telepathy *uwannafeedme*

Even Jack and Ella have figured this one out. The Mental Telepathy method of asking consists of standing, sitting or laying a short distance off and repeating the mantra….look into my googlie eyes…I’m asking you for something…you want to know what it is…you want to give it to me…(repeat).

Does it work? Not usually. And not because they don’t use it (all the time), or don’t do it well. It’s because 99% of the time I’m focused on this little screen, yeah…like the one right in front of you…that you’re reading this message on…look into the screen…I’m asking you for something…you want to know what it is…you want to give it to me…subscribe…subscribe.

If you happened upon this article and wonder What the heck? You probably missed The Pugs of Procrastination: Method Asking – Asking for What You Want, Part I. Check it out! Then, subscribe already, so you won’t miss out on any future gaffs at the expense of my sanity courtesy of Jack and Ella.

Or, if you’ve been following my work for very long, you know that Jack and Ella are not only my pugs, but also my excuse for not meeting my writing quotas. They are just so darn cute! And, as you have read, more than a little demanding. So…

Jack and Ella love to hear from their fans! (Me too!) So, feel free to ask questions, let us know what you think about the series, or just see what we’re up to! Here’s how to connect (handy buttons at the top of this page):


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